brian-k-kerley-16About Me:

I’m an Alaskan, a writer, a bush pilot, a small business owner and operator, and a craftsman. I know that’s quite a bit but I’ve actually worn more hats than that. It is doubtful that all my trades and experiences will be listed in my long bio, when I get around to posting it, but the short bio posted on this site should suffice for a brief and abbreviated overview.

This page is mostly about my writing but I may throw in other aspects of my life from time to time.

I write stories, both fiction and nonfiction. I read both as well but I enjoy writing fiction the most because it encompasses more creativity. Once I started writing seriously I found that I couldn’t stop. It’s kind of like breathing and eating though I have been known to forego eating when on a roll with my writing. I am a total writing addict; if I don’t write I suffer withdrawals and get very cranky; ask my wife.

My two self-published novels, The Octagon Key and Key Keeper’s Daughter, are listed as fantasy but what some of the characters may call magic can be explained with science though I find it difficult to label them as either science fiction or fantasy but Key Keeper’s Daughter is definitely classed as young adult. The fiction short stories in my repertoire are in a variety of genres and my nonfiction shorts are  Alaskan stories which I’m hoping to assemble into an anthology someday.

My favorite genre is historical fiction and I’m rather fond of absurd comedy. Bernard Cornwell and Christopher Moore, you guys are on the top of my list. Before I fill the page with my hundred or so favorite authors I need to shift gears to mention my other love–flying. Check out the pages on aviation.

Many of my pages are under construction so please check back for updates.